Lambeth - Travel poster 001
a new passion project of travel[esque] posters of local spots I have been. 
What better way to start than my current hometown of Lambeth!

Stoney Lake - Travel Poster 002
Second piece to my travel collection is Stoney Lake! Not to be confused with Stoney Creek, which I always do. 
Inspired by abstract paintings and hand drawn aesthetics while keeping (trying) it more on the minimal side.

Happy new year!
And good riddance to 2020.
Delving into the realms of space i wanted to do something a little different yet familiar with this installment of  "try to make something you're proud of and don't take a millenia to create it."

poking fun on the origins of covid-19. Whether it came from bats, pangolins or a meteor from mars, The fact is, covid-19 is a reality we must all face. to paraphrase bruce of finding nemo, "bats are friends, not food."

Shop local
Given the state of economy and the struggle small business owners are being forced to endure,
 I created this piece to promote and ideally encourage consumers to keep their dollars local as much as possible.

Emulate - Of Ficticious Nature
A passion project I did to learn some new techniques.
 I love listening to playlists and seeing the  artwork artists use for their craft.
I am aware that "ficticious" is correctly spelled as "fictitious" 
I just like the way it looks with a "c

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