Who's this guy?
Hi there! My name's Justin, and I am a graphic designer based in London. No, not that one, London, Ontario! #ldnont. However, with the digital age we live in, does location even matter? 
With 6 years of experience and counting, design is the perfect career for someone like me. I have an insatiable appetite for learning, a trait proven to be advantageous for the visual communication field, and people with numerous interests. The design industry provides a unique outlet to entertain those interests with the privilege of learning new techniques and businesses while serving my appreciated clients the best possible work. It's a win-win!
My favourite projects revolve around the alcohol, cannabis, and music industries. Bonus points for fusing the three together. If you happen to be in one of these lines of business, we should definitely get in touch.
I believe in transparency and keepin' it real. Ninety percent of the time, you can find me wearing V-necks, a pair of jeans, and sporting some headgear. Usually a snap-back, toque, or a helmet. They help manage my long unruly curly hair (additional photo soon, I promise). Aside from working, there is a good chance I am fixing things, making things, growing things, or pushing mongo.
Just in case — ha... ha... I've heard all the jokes— you haven't noticed, I like to do things differently. Different is more challenging, more rewarding, and more fun.  If you are still reading, congratulations! A gold star for you.
TL/DR: No gold star for you.

Brand Identity
- Anything and everything that correlates to a brand. Including everyone's favourite, logos! 
Design Consultations 
- For those seeking advice regarding your brand, your business, challenges you may be facing, and how great design can help you.
Music Related 
- From the cover art, logos & wordmarks, to custom merchandise and promo items,
- Does your band need a branded eraser sleeve? I am your guy.
Packaging & Prototyping
- Labels, graphics, illustrations & custom mock-ups, I can do it all.