The Kentucky
basketball commission
Event Branding, Social Media Posts & Templates,
Email Newsletters, Brand Development
Art Director, Creative Director, Graphic Designer
During my time with Neon Supply, I believe I have worked on more projects for KBC than any other client. The vast majority of these projects consisted of brainstorming campaigns for youth basketball  tournaments and camps. The only limitation the team had was anything goes.
Brand Style Guidelines
Prior to the current brand KBC adheres to now, they did not have an official style guide and leaned heavy into the 80's retro cliché. You know the one. Wishing to go in a more neutral and modern direction with an urban feel, the new KBC brand was born.
Gymnasium Banners​​​​​​​
Branded Events & Social Media Posts
With nothing but the name of the event to go on, the direction of these campaigns are a result of self guidance and an open mind. This is just a sneak peak of what is no exaggeration, hundreds of posts and templates created social media platforms and all of their respective aspect ratios.
Event Logos Created

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