This little logo is not of my creation, but the brainchild of a friend of mines son. 
He loves to draw this guy everywhere, and I mean everywhere! 

When his mom asked him about it he said, 
"This is my logo and when I become a famous motocross rider, this will be on the back of my jersey." 

She also asked him if it has a name but he refers to it simply as his logo. Since it technically has no name, I am using his riding number 414 in its place.
With this info she thought, let's ask if Justin would redraw this for him. 
And of course, I did! 
This was a fun project and I immediately thought, this would look awesome as a sticker. Emojis? Duh. Hey, let's make some merch while we're at it.

After everything was finalized, mom surprised him with a poster with his logo on it. His reaction?  Screams of joy.
This is why I love my job.

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